Research Departments


User-Centered Computing

The department develops IT systems and technologies that focus on their users throughout their complete life cycle. Current work focuses on usability engineering, web compliance, and accessibility.


Cooperation Systems

The Cooperation Systems department develops and evaluates groupware and community systems for virtual teams and organizations. Our work on hardware and software of Mixed and Augmented Reality systems focuses on support for cooperative planning tasks.


Life Science Informatics

The Life Science Informatics department designs and implements complex biomedical information systems and creates novel software solutions for manufacturers and users in health care, biotechnology, drug research and social services. Focal areas are image-based navigation systems, information-intensive optical instruments, visual information analysis, multi-parametric molecular sensor technology and diagnostics as well as bio-analogue analysis of changing images.


Risk Management And Decision Support

The Risk Management And Decision Support department offers decision and process support for application domains whose processes can be characterized by their high level of complexity as well as their weak determination of process structures.


Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering

The project group, which is located at the Universities of Augsburg and Bayreuth, particularly concentrates on the integration of the two research areas Finance & Information Management (FIM) and Operations & Information Management (OIM). Thus, financially sound and computer-aided solutions to fundamentally operational decision problems can be found by means of mathematical tools.