High Content Analysis and Information-intensive Instruments

High Content Analysis

High Content analysis is a new paradigm for systematically capturing and analyzing large amounts of measurements in biomedical research. It uses – in contrast to the qualitative assessment of individual cases by experts – reproducible quantified data based on objects and structures detected. Powerful and flexible software is essential for High Content analysis.

We develop software components that fit into an overall architecture, integrate them into systems and validate them in biomedical applications.



  • Trainable detection and classification of objects in (microscopic) images
  • Structuring and management of large volumes of data
  • Retrieval and presentation in networked and mobile systems

Software architecture

  • Networking of data sources
  • Methods for adaptation by the users
  • System design methodology


  • Cytometry
  • Cell-based assays
  • Multi-layer tissue analyses
  • Analysis of time series
  • Live cell imaging