Dr. rer. nat. Sandra Geisler

About me

My work in the group High Content Analysis & Information Intensive Instruments (HCA) department focuses on the design and implementation of information systems, especially of big data solutions,in the area of life science and health care. I am particularly interested in data stream management and data quality management, which were also the key topics of my dissertation in the computer science department at the RWTH Aachen University. I am also involved in courses and lectures offered by the institute. 

Research interests


YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2017An integrated ontology-based approach for patent classification in medical engineering
Geisler, Sandra; Quix, Christoph; Hai, Rihan; Alekh, Sanchit
Conference Paper
2016Constance: An intelligent data lake system
Hai, R.; Geisler, S.; Quix, C.
Conference Paper
2016Guest editorial: Large-scale data management for mobile applications
Delot, T.; Geisler, S.; Ilarri, S.; Quix, C.
Journal Article
2016Ontology-based data quality management for data streams
Geisler, S.; Quix, C.; Weber, S.; Jarke, M.
Journal Article
2016A systematic evaluation approach for data stream-based applications
Geisler, Sandra; Jarke, Matthias (Gutachter); Nicklas, Daniela (Gutachter)
2015An ontology-based collaboration recommender system using patents
Geisler, S.; Hai, R.; Quix, C.
Conference Paper
2014Editorial: Special issue on information management in mobile applications
Delot, T.; Geisler, S.; Nicklas, D.; Quix, C.; Xu, B.
Journal Article
2014Evaluation of real-time traffic applications based on data stream mining
Geisler, Sandra; Quix, Christoph
Book Article
2013HealthNet: A system for mobile and wearable health information management
Quix, Christoph; Barnickel, Johannes; Geisler, Sandra; Hassani, Marwan; Kim, Saim; Li, Xiang; Lorenz, Andreas; Quadflieg, Till; Gries, Thomas; Jarke, Matthias; Leonhardt, Steffen; Meyer, Ulrike; Seidl, Thomas
Conference Paper
2013IMMoA 2013, 3rd International Workshop on Information Management for Mobile Applications. Proceedings: In conjunction with VLDB 2013, Riva del Garda, Italy, August 26, 2013
Delot, T.; Geisler, S.; Ilarri, S.; Quix, C.
Conference Proceedings
2013Message from the workshop chairs
Delot, T.; Geisler, S.; Ilarri, S.; Quix, C.
Conference Paper
2012An evaluation framework for traffic information systems based on data streams
Geisler, S.; Quix, C.; Schiffer, S.; Jarke, M.
Journal Article
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