Communication and IT-based Collaboration

Today, mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants and smart phones, provide users with real-time access to information and services from anywhere and at any time. Similarly, recent developments in collaboration systems enable innovative team collaboration. Especially the rise of social computing applications in both private and business context has changed the way individuals, groups, and organizations interact, resulting in a "networked society".

The group focuses on the utilization of innovative solutions for effective and efficient communication and collaboration in corporate environments. Related activities consider the successful implementation, adoption, and diffusion of these new technologies in order to generate sustainable business value for the whole organization.

Currently, the group focuses on the following four research topics:

  • Workplace Information Systems
  • Collaboration Systems
  • Mobile Information Systems
  • Social Media​

These research topics are investigated from two perspectives. On the one hand, aspects related to adoption, usage, and (economic) success of information systems and management practices are analyzed. On the other hand, the insights gathered are used to develop and evaluate artifacts such new technologies, process and organization models as well as management approaches.​​​