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Fraunhofer FIT seeks highly motivated scientific staff and students for challenging research work in industrial and international cooperative projects. Irrespective of any specific current job opening, the institute's departments invite informal applications for positions at two levels:

  • Researcher at the post-doctoral or post-graduate level
  • Hilfskraft (Research Student)

Fraunhofer FIT lets its staff adjust their working hours very flexibly. Flexi-time or working part-time are normal elements of working for us. We also offer a range of sports and health-related activities to help our staff keep fit and healthy. In addition, all employees have the possibility to order a job ticket.

Equal opportunity, gender equality and work-life balance

We support young parents seeking a healthy balance of raising a family and advancing their professional qualifications. This includes part-time work during parental leave, special parent & child rooms in the office and care support for children under 12 in a case of emergency. We also support employees involved in homecare or eldercare in their families.

Researcher at the post-doctoral or post-graduate level

Salary and additional benefits are governed by the German Tarifvertrag öffentlicher Dienst (TVöD). The initial contract will be limited.

Successful applicants have an outstanding qualification in Computer Science or a related field (equivalent of Ph.D. or M.S., respectively) plus research experience in one of the research areas of the institute, and must be fluent in German or in English with a good working knowledge of German

Hilfskraft (Research Student)

We hire research students (part-time positions, typically 65 h / month) to support the work in our departments. The initial contracts will be limited to a maximum of 12 months.Research students must be enrolled in a university or university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule). Their work at FIT is intended mainly to enhance their scientific education, typically through direct involvement in our research projects. Salary depends upon formal qualification.

Current job offers for students: