Industry Collaboration

There has been an increasing awareness of the huge potential that process and data science provides for businesses, as witnessed by several success stories as published by the IEEE CIS Task Force on Process Mining. As a result, several software development companies have developed solutions that support and / or integrate process mining oriented analyses. Moreover, some software vendors provide dedicated process mining solutions. However, integration of state-of-the-art techniques, originating from process mining research, are often missing.

The main aim of the Process Mining group is to bridge the aforementioned gap by enhancing industry adoption of state-of-the-art process mining research. We enable process improvement by means of tight integration of innovative research solutions within a company’s data science pipeline. As such, we offer the following solutions to industrial partners:

  • The development of advanced process mining applications, solving complex and process oriented business questions.
  • The development of industry / company specific process and data science solutions tackling specific data-driven process oriented challenges.
  • The execution of consultancy-like projects, e.g. advanced data analysis, solving complex process oriented driven business questions.
  • Offering advanced process and data science training programs for industry professionals.