Knowledge Transfer

Within our group we aim to transfer our detailed in-depth knowledge of process and data science to industry partners, by means of several training programs. We offers the following process and data science training programs:

Fundamentals of Process Mining

In this training, tailored to industry professionals, we discuss the basics of applying process mining in practice. We discuss the main conceptual idea behind process mining and introduce the basic key components of process mining, and process mining oriented projects. The training comprises of:

  • A general introduction to process mining, covering:
    • Process Discovery
    • Conformance Checking
    • Process Enhancement
  • Introduction to process mining tools, covering:
    • Open source tools such as ProM, RapidProM, pm4py, …
    • Commercial tools such as Disco, Celonis, Minit, etc.
  • Introduction to the basics of setting up a process mining project, covering:
    • Data Characteristics & Preparation
    • Process Aware Visualization (Dotted Charts)
    • Process Discovery
    • Visualization of case flow

Advanced Process Mining

In this training, tailored to industry professionals, we discuss more advanced topics of the application of process mining in practice. We assume the participants to be reasonably familiar with process mining (for example by completing the Fundamentals of Process Mining course). The training comprises of:

  • Mastering techniques beyond process discovery:
    • (Data Aware) Conformance Checking
    • Bottleneck Analysis
    • Root-Cause Analysis
    • Bring your own Data sessions
    • Introduction to process mining algorithm development

Pease contact Sebastiaan J. van Zelst for more information regarding (customized) training programs.