Process Mining Quick-Scan

Are you aware of the processes that are executed within your company? Are you aware which cases are likely to require rework? Are you aware what causes delays in your production process? Are you aware what investment most likely increases your revenue? Hopefully, you are able to answer ‘yes’ to all of the aforementioned questions, yet, it is likely you are not. The Process Mining group of Fraunhofer FIT gladly helps you out in solving these questions!

Recent developments in Information and Communication Technology allow us to track the actions performed during the execution of virtually any processes deployed within a company. The resulting complex data sets carry valuable information regarding the actual execution of the processes. The field of process mining is concerned with the development of fully- and semiautomated technologies that allow us to extract the intrinsically valuable information carried within the process execution data. For example, process mining technology allows us to compute how to streamline and optimize the execution of the processes executed in your organization.

The Process Mining group offers a process mining quick-scan. Our team will extract and analyze your process execution data and provide you with insights into your processes. The key phases are as follows:

Within two weeks, you will know how your processes are actually executed, and, how to optimize them!

Fraunhofer FIT Process Mining Quick-Scan Key Facts:

  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Costs: € 10,000