Strategic IT Management

In the course of the transition from the industrial to the information era as well as the increasing speed and intensity of information flows involved, the importance of information technology (IT) and information systems (IS) in businesses and public organizations is increasing. IT and IS have become the essential and mission-critical "digital nervous system" of any modern economy. The group combines both managerial and technological aspects related to these developments and focuses on the strategic management of IT and IS. The primary focus of these activities lies on the duties of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and IT decision-makers. They cover the purposeful planning, controlling, organization, and management of IT functions of medium and large companies as well as the beneficial utilization of IT and IS in enterprises.

Currently, the group focuses on the following four research topics:

  • IT Strategy and Governance
  • IT Project and Project Portfolio Managementt
  • IT Innovation Management
  • IT Sourcing and Vendor Management

These research topics are investigated from two perspectives. On the one hand, aspects related to adoption, usage, and (economic) success of information systems and management practices are analyzed. On the other hand, the insights gathered are used to develop and evaluate artifacts such as process and organization models as well as management approaches.