Digitized Mobility – Open Mobility Platform

Perfect Mobility: One Ticket for all Public Transport

In a project entitled "Digitized mobility – the open mobility platform", funded by BMVI, Fraunhofer FIT is developing a technical reference architecture for novel mobility business models. Its aim is to allow single sign-on, one stop shopping for a range of mobility services, e.g. railroad, bus, rented car or electric bicycle.

Mobility services for people are increasingly sold over the Internet. In a few regions, mobility services from different providers are being bundled in a new service that provides one-stop shopping for all the services in its portfolio. As an example, the city of Aachen offers the Mobility Broker Card developed by RWTH Aachen University, Fraunhofer FIT and several other partners. Its holders can use the local bus service, a car-sharing service or an electric bicycle with just one ticket. Without this service, the client would have been forced to register with several service portals, configure the different services and complete several different booking and sales procedures. She would end up with several independent contracts without guaranteed transportation in the case of delay or cancellation.

In the project entitled "Digitized mobility – the open mobility platform", which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Fraunhofer FIT is developing, together with many IT system vendors, public transport companies, and the Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen – VDV e. V. (Association of German Transport Companies) a reference architecture for novel business models for public transport. It is based on open standards and will bring together different regional mobility service providers in an overarching system.

This will allow satisfying the request of many travelers and commuters for an end-to-end, intermodal service that covers information, reservation, booking, invoicing, cancellation, navigation and assistance along a travel chain. Clients will have to register just once with the service platform to buy mobility services from different providers (single sign-on). Their different offers will be combined in a new integrated service that is sold through a single invoicing and payment process (one stop shop).

Access to this information and booking service will also be made available, through a mobility-as-a-service interface, to platforms for other domains, e.g. hotels or events management. Thus they will be able to combine our transport services with their own service offerings.