Inspiring Science Education

Inspiring Science Education

The Inspiring Science Education (ISE) project intends to provide digital resources and opportunities for teachers to help them make science education more attractive and relevant to students’ lives. Through the Inspiring Science Education website and the activities organized by the partners, teachers can help students make their own scientific discoveries, witness and understand natural and scientific phenomena and access the latest, interactive tools and digital resources from within their classrooms.

The project aims for large-scale take-up of these opportunities amongst European science teachers. Pilot activities will take place in 5000 primary and secondary schools in 15 European countries. During these pilots, teachers will be accessing interactive simulations, educational games and eScience applications and integrating them with extra-curricular activities, such as field trips to science centers and discovery parks, and virtual visits to research centers. Teachers will also have the possibility to access remote and online labs, and relevant scenarios for their use in the school classroom. Students will be inspired to use eTools and digital resources to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEMrelated subjects) in a practical, competitive and exciting way.

The MARS research group will provide support on all levels of the project realization. The main focus of their contributions however is the integration of innovative eLearning tools using Virtual and Augmented and Reality. As one showcase the Science Center To Go will be integrated with the web-based ISE environment.

Inspiring Science Education was a project co-funded by the European Commission within the ICT PSP (Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Program).

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