Learning while driving

The days are long gone when all you needed to be a truck driver was a heavy goods vehicle license and the ability to read a map. Nowadays it is a skilled occupation which requires lots of qualifications. Modern truck drivers have to operate electronic devices, adapt their routes expertly to the given traffic and loading situation, know how to drive fuel-efficiently, be up to date with statutory regulations and monitor the safety of their load. Then there is all the complex legislation introduced at EU level. What’s more, drivers who make trips to other countries also need some knowledge of foreign languages and have to be familiar with the regulations applying in different countries.

Modern truck drivers always have something new to learn, and are even obliged by law to keep up with developments. The problem is that they spend most of their time behind the wheel. Trucks only earn money when they are out on the road and so the driver’s time for anything else is very limited.

With this in mind, our research scientists, working in close cooperation with partners from the logistics and training sectors, have developed LogiAssist. The purpose of the system is to help drivers and trucking firms handle their occupational training needs. The idea is for truckers to listen to an audio lecture after work, during their breaks, or even while driving, and to receive specifically tailored assistance while they are out on the road. Training content is offered via smart phone, tablet computer or laptop – in other words, on devices the driver already uses in his cab. It is tailored to the learning needs of the sector and can be adapted to the relevant context, taking account of prior knowledge, the driver, the vehicle, the load or the route.

LogiAssist was co-funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.