ODS – OpenDiscoverySpace

European Web platform for teaching materials

We are in the midst of the transformation of schools into the teaching institutions for the 21st century. For teachers, more and more valuable teaching materials are available on the Web. Unfortunately, though, this wealth of material is hardly utilized in schools‘ everyday practice. The OpenDiscoveryProject (ODS) aims to change this unfortunate situation by creating a web platform that provides services and materials tailored to the requirements of different types of schools and curricula.

Increasingly, schools are being required to prepare their students better for life in the 21st century. Essentially, this means that schools ought to teach their pupils more successfully to think flexibly and to solve problems quickly and skillfully. Therefore, schools need (free) access to appropriate open educational resources. A great amount of very well suited educational resources is available online but is rarely used because teachers simply don’t find it.

The new ODS web platform changes this situation. ODS facilitates finding suitable educational resources across Europe easily. Using ODS, teachers can very easily share, create, use, find and comment on educational resources in their specific contexts. In contrast to other educational platforms, ODS considers differences in the local situation, e.g. different types of schools, different didactic concepts and different languages, for finding appropriate educational resources.

Fraunhofer FIT supports implementing the technical infrastructure for enabling personalized and contextualized searching and finding, building upon the expertise from similar projects like MACE, OpenScout or NaturalEurope. In addition, FIT is a leading contributor to the development and standardization of a description of social metadata for educational resources. On the basis of our CAM format we work on proposals for the optimal integration of social metadata, e.g. evaluations or comments, and we are involved in the standardization of the description language developed in the project.