Skill based scouting of open user-generated and community-improved content for management education and training

OpenScout aims at providing an educational internet service that enables users to easily find, access, use and exchange open content for management education and training. Thereby it can be used by learners directly but also by training and education institutions that search for learning content to be integrated into their learning offerings.

OpenScout’s envisaged wide and large scaled education service will consist of the following components:

  • Web Services Infrastructure: To enhance access to open content OpenScout provides to end users federated, skill-based search and retrieval web services that can be integrated into existing LCMS systems as well as social network platforms.
  • Federated Content Base: To make accessible content of different types from many disciplines of management science OpenScout inter-connects a large pool of different open content repositories to form a federated content base on which OpenScout’s web services operate.
  • Tool Library: To facilitate (re-)use and improvement of open content in real-world educational scenarios OpenScout provides a set of integrated tools and support mechanisms that enable users to modify, adapt and localize materials to their need and context.
  • Open User Community: To achieve large scale adoption in real contexts of use OpenScout establishes an Open User Community (with a focus on content providers and users) that open up their content to the Web Services, contribute metadata (such as skill-data, user evaluations, ratings etc.) and furthermore support design and evaluation of OpenScout’s prototypes.
OpenScout is a project co-funded by the European Commission within the des eContentplus program.