Dipl. Inf. Roland Ellerweg, M.Sc.

About me

After completing my studies in General Computer Science at Aachen University of Applied Sciences (Dipl. Inf.) and FernUni Hagen (M.Sc.), I started to work as a software developer in various companies. In the HCA department, I am concerned with the analysis and integration of extensive heterogeneous data sources in the life sciences, as well as the interactions at the human-machine interface.

Research interests

  • Web technology
  • Performance
  • Interaction concepts
  • Human factors
  • Compiler building
  • Programming languages
  • Open data


YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2016Accessing image resolution and frame rate effects in radiology from a human and a machine point of view
Ellerweg, R.; Voigt, P.; Alhonnoro, T.; Pollari, M.; Weir, P.
Conference Paper
2016Architecture of a web-based DICOM viewer showing segmentations and simulations
Ellerweg, R.; Reuter, D.; Weir, P.
Conference Paper
2016Design and implementation of a web based medical image viewer architecture
Ellerweg, R.; Reuter, D.; Stärk, E.; Weir, P.
Journal Article
2016The development of a simulation tool for clinical use in image-guided percutaneous minimally invasive cancer treatment (MICT) - the GoSmart project
Voigt, P.; Fuchs, J.; Petersen, T.-O.; Jantschke, R.; Flanagan, R.; Weir, P.; Pollari, M.; Alhonnoro, T.; Payne, S.; Hall, S.; Fütterer, J.; Oostenbrugge, T. van; Stiegler, P.; Kalmar, P.; Fischer, S.; Zangos, S.; Voglreiter, P.; Ellerweg, R.; Reuter, D.; Stärk, E.; Kahn, T.; Kolesnik, M.; Moche, M.
2015Go-Smart: Web-based computational modeling of minimally invasive cancer treatments
Weir, P.; Reuter, D.; Ellerweg, R.; Alhonnoro, T.; Pollari, M.; Voglreiter, P.; Mariappan, P.; Flanagan, R.; Park, C.S.; Payne, S.; Staerk, E.; Voigt, P.; Moche, M.; Kolesnik, M.
Conference Paper
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