Dr. Andreas Pippow

About me

What has a biologist to do with software development? I have always been particularly interested in what data actually says: How do I analyze data in an clean methodically way, and how do I control influencing factors in data analysis? This analytical way of thinking also helps me to understand software conceptually, and as a biologist, I particularly adopt the viewpoint of the user.

In our team, I act as an interface between customers, software developers, physicists and engineers. I am taking on the role of both the project manager and the innovation manager. At the moment, I am in charge of various projects, I manage change processes in our institute and I work on a continuous knowledge transfer from our group to industry. For the transfer of knowledge, continuing vocational training is of particular importance. Therefore another focus of my work is the conception and realization of training courses in the field of data science.

Research interests

  • Transfering knowledge through professional training
  • Establishing strategic change processes for research management
  • Project management in industrial and research environments
  • Establishing processes and guidelines for data management
  • Creating interfaces between customers and developers


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