FUture environment for gentle liver Surgery using Image-guided planning and intra-Operative Navigation

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Each year, more than 5 million people all over the world are confronted with the diagnosis of a liver tumor. Thus, optimal therapy is a highly relevant field, both economically and from a medical perspective. This has motivated the German ministry for education and research to fund the FUSION project that investigates technologies to improve different types of liver surgery.

Fraunhofer FIT and our spin-off company LOCALITE GmbH are developing a gentle transcutaneous therapy that removes or destroys tumor tissue through precisely targeted intervention.

This minimally invasive therapy uses a probe that makes use of a laser or an electromagnetic field to generate the heat that destroys the tumor tissue. This treatment is gentler and less costly, however, it cannot guarantee complete destruction of the tumor and has so far been applied only in cases where conventional surgery could not be used.

Fraunhofer FIT and LOCALITE are working on a navigation system that will significantly improve both the planning of an intervention and its actual execution. We are developing a special D ultrasound system and novel methods to transfer pre-operative CT/MR images onto the patient in the actual operation, which will allow to position the probe precisely in the tumor tissue and to monitor the therapeutic progress very closely.