Integrated micro fluidic diagnostic application system

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View of a fluid channel from a micro-structured measurement system.

IMIKRID aims to develop a modular technology platform as a foundation for the development of specific diagnostic application systems, such as for early tumor diagnostics or point-of-care diagnostics for the prevention of cardiac diseases.

The IMIKRID platform furthermore targets life style applications, such as lactate measurement for general fitness monitoring. Recombinant biotechnology and nanotechnology are used to create an intelligent hybrid sensor chip.

Integrating biological components into molecular recognition is the central topic of the project. The basic idea is to use a thin capillary structure as the measurement location to reduce the amount of liquid needed for analysis. A moderate amount of sweat, for example, should be sufficient to generate results. Biological molecules attached to paramagnetic particles will be used to detect particular ingredients.

This project aims at a scientific proof-of-concept of these ideas, in particular the integration of modular components. The results will be available to create individual applications in bio-molecular diagnostics. Three different scenarios have been developed so far:

  • Identifying in principle tumor markers in blood.
  • Measuring multiple infarction indicators for a portable monitoring device.
  • Measuring lactate for fitness applications.