GOEASY – GalileO-based, trustEd Applications for health and SustainabilitY

As a society, we are always looking for ways to help people lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. The project, GOEASY, demonstrates with two apps, ApesMobility and AsthmaWatch, how Location Based Services are improving the accuracy and security of data transmission.



A New Generation of Location Based Services (LBS)

>> Security – Privacy – Precision <<

GOEASY offers users increased trust through the Galileo GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) high standard of accuracy and security in position information and data. These features of the Galileo system are a few of the many advantages to the commonly used American satellite navigation system, GPS (Global Positioning System). Currently, 26 out of the 30 scheduled satellites are circling above the Earth. By the end of 2020, the remaining four will be sent into orbit. The ultimate goal of the project is to gather insight regarding the business and replication potential of location-based applications in two real, medium-scale pilots, namely the ApesMobility pilot in Torino, Italy, and the AsthmaWatch pilot in Stockholm, Sweden.

GOEASY has broadened the possibilities for devices offering location-based services. It promises huge economic, social, and strategic potential, but it is also interesting to observe that, while the Galileo-enabled devices market is currently dominated by Smartphones, it is also seeing the steady growth of new types of location-based devices. Devices such as sport trackers and wearables are becoming increasingly popular in the market and will likely prove to yield more development opportunities in the future. GOEASY will enable a new generation of trusted and dependable mass-market LBS and Applications to engage, stimulate, and reward citizens for more sustainable behaviors and healthier lifestyle choices. The GOEASY project has set this plan into motion through the launch of two location based applications, ApesMobility and AsthmaWatch.

Greener Actions with ApesMobility

The ApesMobility application functions under the social network, GreenApes, to help us move towards a healthier and more eco-friendly society. Through this interactive app, users are encouraged to be more environmentally conscious. Using public transportation, buying organic products, and recycling are just a few of the many ways that users can be rewarded for their contributions to the environment. In return for their posts on the app, users can earn an app-specific currency called, “BankoNuts,” which they can choose to redeem for real-life rewards. GOEASY complements the ApesMobility application with the trusted and reliable features of the Galileo satellite system.

Breathe easy thanks to AsthmaWatch

AsthmaWatch, GOEASY’s second application, is designed to assess air pollution levels, in order to better support users who suffer from asthma. AsthmaWatch works to limit users’ exposure to polluted air by identifying the affected areas on a heat map and offering alternative routes to avoid regions of harmful air pollution. Additionally, bicycles, automobiles, and public transportation vehicles can be equipped with sensors to further plot highly polluted areas and aid patients in avoiding harmful asthma attacks.

Contribution of Fraunhofer FIT

FIT participates in GOEASY with an experienced team of researchers. The applied user-centered design approach helps to analyze the area of Location-Based Services and the involvement of citizens as end users in the final product. From this analysis, challenges and potential for improvement are evaluated using an iterative, agile development approach that continuously involves end-users in the desired application scenarios. In addition, FIT assumes the role of technical director and contributes to the development of Galileo services.

The consortium consisting of Fraunhofer FIT, LINKS Foundation (Italy), CNET (Sweden), BQ (Spain) and GreenApes (Italy) will complete the GOEASY project by 2020 with the piloting of ApesMobility and AsthmaWatch in Torino (Italy) and Stockholm (Sweden).

GOEASY is funded under the EU's Horizon 2020 program.


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