User-Centered Ubiquitous Computing

User-Centered Ubiquitous Computing develops systems providing effective personal assistance that dynamically respond to user demands and at the same time adapt to new work practices. This includes our work on sensor technologies and embedded systems with components and smart objects integrated into the environment and/or realized as mobile devices.

Application domains range from proactive assistance in maintenance and warehouse picking to mobile guides for fairs. Current activities focus on adaptive Energy Efficiency and Smart Home Services in ubiquitous environments and business based systems in the Internet of Things, People and Services.

Our areas of expertise cover the whole software engineering process from project management and requirements engineering over software architecture and embedded systems design to sensor technologies. Over 20 years of experience in the area of human computer interaction (HCI) allows us to design effective end-user applications in ubiquitous computing environments.

Our current offer for industry partners:

  • Energy efficiency: Save energy trough smart monitoring and control
  • Smart environments: Service-based intelligent networking of complex environments

Our topics at a glance:

  • Internet of Things, Embedded Systems & Ubiquitous Systems:
    • Service-based development based on the LinkSmart Middleware (Hydra)
    • Interoperability: Smart networking of complex environments and systems
    • User-centered applications and services in complex environments
  • Seamless pro-active assistance in professional use
  • Multimodal support for mobile applications and services
  • Rapid Prototyping & app development for mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile)
  • Planning and management of large-scale multinational IT projects
  • Requirements engineering und user centered design (UCD) in IT projects


Energy efficiency and smart environments

Internet of things

Emergency response

HCI and multimodal assistance