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"Let's see what I can find in the Internet", is often the first thought that comes across our mind, when looking for information about leisure, health issues, certain products or the like.

For many people, however, the information provided in the Internet is not accessible, because they cannot find their way around a Web site, or the assistive technology they need to use in order to access Internet-based information encounters barriers, and therefore the information cannot be conveyed to them. This is particularly true for older and handicapped people. By applying methods and techniques of barrier-free Web design, this can be avoided.

WebCC support you in designing and implementing barrier-free Web sites with the following services:

  • Evaluation of existing Internet services and applications
  • Consultancy during the process of (re-)designing your Internet service/application
  • Implementation of a barrier-free Internet service/application
  • Training for developers
  • User studies

WebCC is not only offering consultancy to the industry and the public sector, but also carrying out research projects referring to e-accessiblity. Since years, WebCC is an active member of the Web Accessiblity Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium, which has developed internationally adopted recommendations and standards for barrier-free Web design. To foster communication and exchange of information about accessible Web design in Germany, WebCC is hosting the first German mailing list on this topic.

Our Services

WebCC provides different services to the Industry and the Public Sector. Our main work areas are:

  • Consultancy and development. We support our customers in the technical implementation or the redesign of accessible Internet services and applications.
  • Training to industry and interested actors in the field of e-accessibility.
  • Development and commercialization of software tools.
  • e-Accessibility research for Internet services and applications, including new mobile devices.
  • User studies to collect user needs and to verify customer satisfaction.
  • Biofeedback and therapeutical intervention systems.



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