Risk Management And Decision Support

Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT

Assess, minimize and manage risks

The Risk Management And Decision Support department addresses methods and measures for risk preparation and mitigation, response in crisis situations, and recovery from emergencies. Our prime focus is the development of integrated risk management systems, specifically the support of decision-making by different tools and formal methods. The scope of decisions includes the planning and coordination of resources for fire brigades, the design of novel pieces of equipment for relief services, or the assessment of alternatives in drafting financial legislation.

We also customize our text and data mining tool SWAPit, which detects similarities and relationships among large volumes of documents from diverse sources. SWAPit already demonstrated its effectiveness and adaptability to different contexts – even key business figures – in a number of large-scale applications.

Our research and development stresses three core areas:

IT support for emergency management

We develop methods to model, simulate and assess the efficiency and quality of counter measures in case of major emergencies. Prime objective is to improve the planning processes for rescue operations involving several organizations. In a parallel line of research, we investigate the impact of technology augmentations, e.g. guiding information on head-up displays inside protective helmets, and provide simulation-based engineering methods to determine benefits and potential drawbacks as early as possible in the design process.

Impact assessment of financial legislation (MIKMOD)

On behalf of German Federal ministries we develop and operate a number of micro simulation models that use, among others, census data to forecast budgetary and behavioral consequences of changes in German legislation on income taxation, social security and higher education grants.

Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering

The project group, which is located at the University of Augsburg, particularly concentrates on the integration of the two research areas Finance & Information Management (FIM) and Operations & Information Management (OIM). Thus, financially sound and computer-aided solutions to fundamentally operational decision problems can be found by means of mathematical tools.


We offer to our clients in particular:

Process management support in various domains that can be characterized by their project-specific procedures

  • Development of custom-tailored tools for modeling and analysis
  • Integration of workflow support into operational environments of daily routine

We develop

  • User and domain-specific modeling methods for process capture supported by usable tools
  • Agent-oriented platforms for process enactment

Consultation and implementation support for integrated systems

  • From a survey of technologies
  • Up to prototypes and systems ready for the market


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