Was FIT besonders macht

Fraunhofer FIT bietet ein attraktives, international geprägtes Arbeitsumfeld. Jungen Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern, aber auch Studierenden, geben wir Raum, ihr eigenes Profil zu schärfen. Hier kommen unsere Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter selbst zu Wort.

Dr. Osianoh Glenn Aliu

© Foto Osianoh Glenn Aliu

That’s me in San Francisco, Menlo Park CA, in the headquarters of Facebook, where I presented our Wireless Backhaul (WiBACK) technology during the first summit meeting of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP). TIP aims to bring together operators, infrastructure providers, system integrators and other technology companies in order to improve the global telecom network infrastructures.

I work as a Research Scientist on wireless network technologies within the Cooperation Systems Department (CSCW). Over the past four years, our work has led to developing integrated mobile and satellite communication network with field trials of a device prototype for the EU. We have also provided a study that advises the European Space Agency (ESA) on technology roadmap for future integrated terrestrial satellite systems. Currently, we are exploring communication technologies required for a robust Internet of Things as well as wireless backhaul technology.

I decided to get on a plane from Lagos, Nigeria in 2013 and relocate to Bonn, Germany because of the vision and impact of the applied research work done in Fraunhofer. Specifically the novel Wireless Backhaul Technology (WiBACK) which has gained interest globally and is currently deployed in Africa, South America and in Europe. After several interviews, the offer from Fraunhofer was the best in terms of an opportunity to learn, grow and work on applied research projects with significant impact.

I had never been to Germany before applying so it was a bit challenging not knowing if I would be welcomed or how I would integrate. I had zero knowledge of the German language but the Institute provided me the required support to do my research in English while participating in a language course.

Looking back, I am happy I made the right call. Working in FIT gives me the flexibility to explore different ideas and research their feasibility. There are various opportunities to learn from experts in various fields.

Olga Michel Chico

© Foto Olga Michel Chico

I was born and raised in Mexico. I started my design studies in Europe and did a Master in integrated design in Germany. Coming from a background in communication and design combined with work experience as a User Researcher in the tech industry, I found myself in the intersection between design, psychology, technology and innovation. At that point, when looking for a new area to continue my professional path and a particular interest in research and applied solutions, Fraunhofer FIT seemed like a very suitable option. After going through the recruitment process and getting the position at FIT, I was immediately welcomed by an international and multidisciplinary team open to new ideas and new approaches.

My role at FIT covers a broad range of activities and projects, which makes it very dynamic. I particularly support the projects by guiding User-Centered Design activities that are needed at the different project stages. In my day-to-day, I am in charge of different tasks covering the preparation and moderation of user workshops, validation of user insights, creation of paper prototypes, wireframes and click dummies. Since I started working here, there have been plenty of opportunities to develop new skills: I have been granted trust and responsibility from the day 1 since I joined the team. This might have been challenging at times, but it also has given me the opportunity to learn-by-doing, try out things, learn from own mistakes and evolve faster.

Working at FIT for the last months has also proven to be a great place to explore different areas of interest and domains. The projects that we conduct at the institute cover a broad spectrum: from huge IoT research projects, to smaller industry projects with very particular focuses. This various opportunities make working here very exciting and inspiring. 

Clemens Putschli

© Foto cologne IT summit_ c/o JOGECON GmbH

Hier demonstriere ich die Smart Glasses Lösungen des FIT auf dem cologne IT summit_ 2016.

Seit März 2016 arbeite ich als Wissenschaftler beim FIT. Ich bin aber schon viel länger am Institut, denn ich habe meine Bachelor- und meine Masterarbeit hier geschrieben. Bei der Arbeit am FIT schätze ich die Abwechslung. Vom kleineren Industrieprojekt bis zum großen EU-Projekt ist alles möglich. Besonders gefällt mir, dass hier jedem direkt ein großes Vertrauen entgegengebracht wird. So wurde ich gleich ermutigt einen Studentenkurs zu betreuen und mich im Institutslenkungsausschuss zu engagieren. Zudem befinde ich mich hier in einer unglaublich technikaffinen Gruppe, in der alle Spaß an den neusten Gadgets haben. Für mich verbindet sich daher am FIT eine gesunde Mischung von Technikenthusiasmus, wissenschaftlicher Forschung und coolen Industrieprojekten.

Dr. Anja Linnemann

© Foto Fraunhofer FIT

Institutsleiter Prof. Dr. Matthias Jarke überreicht Frau Dr. Anja Linnemann ihr Zertifikat »TALENTA excellence«.

»Fraunhofer TALENTA« ist ein gezieltes Förder- und Entwicklungsprogramm für Wissenschaftlerinnen. Dank der Unterstützung des Instituts erhielt ich die einmalige Chance am »TALENTA excellence« teilzunehmen. In den zwei Jahren der Förderung konnte ich mich individuell durch die zur Verfügung gestellte Karrierezeit in verschiedenen Bereichen fachlich und persönlich weiterentwickeln. »TALENTA« schaffte mir Freiräume, um spezifisch auf Lebens- und Karrierephase ausgelegte Begleitangebote in Anspruch zu nehmen und mich meiner persönlichen strategischen Karriereentwicklung zu widmen, die auch die Weiterbildung durch das Prädikatsprogramm Forschungsmanagerin beinhaltet.