Cooperation Systems

Building upon our history of successful R&D in the field of Computer Supported Cooperative Work, the Cooperation Systems department develops and evaluates novel solutions for collaboration and workplace support for distributed organizations and teams.

One focus is on technologies for post-desktop interaction and collaboration using mixed reality technologies. We develop concepts for merging digital and analog environments as well as for interactions between people working with computers, objects and data – for both stationary and mobile use. Of particular interest here are new technologies to support for hybrid forms of work, which are required by the current situation in the home office and mobile work.

Blockchain / distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are a pivotal element of our solutions for decentralized collaboration and data management. The department is a central building block of the Fraunhofer Blockchain Lab and the Blockchain Reallabor in NRW. We support companies in identifying innovations and potential efficiency improvements through Blockchain technology, and also work with them on their implementation.

Based on our long-standing expertise in broadband communication using self-organizing wireless networks, we design and develop industrial applications of 5G campus networks. 

We focus on


Solutions for Efficient Cooperation Support

  • Efficient cross-organizational collaboration
  • Design and optimization of communication and cooperation processes
  • Social computing in business communication
  • Integrated and interoperable cooperation tools

Mixed and Augmented Reality Solutions

  • Information presented precisely where it is needed
  • Design and realization of custom-tailored Mixed and Augmented Reality solutions and system components
  • Design and development of mobile and stationary solutions

Self-Organizing Network Architectures

  • Connecting the Unconnected – Broadband for rural areas
  • Flexible wireless backhaul architectures for heterogeneous 5G networks
  • Architectural design of integrated terrestrial and satellite networks
  • Emulation and evaluation of hybrid service delivery architectures for future system interoperability

Fraunhofer Blockchain Lab

Experience lab for technologies, their implementation and application


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