Academic Service

We strongly believe in the value of academic service, i.e. activities of academic nature that increase the overall awareness of process and data science. As such, employees of our group are involved in the following activities:

Providing University Courses

The following courses are thought by us at the RWTH Aachen University:

Supervision of MSc Students:

  • Student: Kefang Ding (Daily Supervision:  Sebastiaan J. van)
    Topic: KPI-Driven Process Improvement
  • Student: Daniel Schuster (Daily Supervision: Sebastiaan J. van Zelst)
    Topic: Data-Aware Process Monitoring and Prediction
  • Student: Zheqi Lyu (Daily Supervision: Sebastiaan J. van Zelst)
    Topic: Improving Performance of Alignment Repair

Supervision of BSc Students:

  • Student: Philipp Heisenberger (Daily Supervision: Sebastiaan J. van Zelst)
    Topic: Automating Industry 4.0 Maturity Indexing with Process Mining

Development of open source software

Our group plays a leading role in the development of the pm4py initiative and the RapidProM initiative. The pm4py library is a python library containing various process mining algorithms. It is open source and completely free of charge. Moreover it serves as a basic tool for the various implementations built by our group. The RapidProM initiative is an extension of RapidMiner, adding process mining functionality to the RapidMiner data science suite.