Academic Service

We strongly believe in the value of academic service, i.e. activities of academic nature that increase the overall awareness of process and data science. As such, employees of our group are involved in the following activities:

Providing University Courses

The following courses are taught by us at the RWTH Aachen University:

Supervision of Master / BSc Students

  • Jan Wieczorek, BSc Student; Active
  • Xuan Zhang, MSc Student; Active
  • Sara Pashah, MSc Student; Active
  • Julian Walter-Nussberger, MSc Student; Active
  • Harry Beyel, MSc Student; Active
  • Giorgi Lomidze, MSc Student; Active
  • Sezin Maden, MSc Student; Active
  • Anand Kumaraguru, MSc Student; Active
  • Eike-Albert Erdmann, MSc Student; Active
  • Moritz Langenberg, BSc Student; Defended Feb. 2021
  • Philipp Heisenberger, BSc Student; Defended Jan. 2021
  • Gero Kolhoff, BSc Student; Defended Dec. 2020
  • Julian Schnitzler, BSc Student; Defended Nov. 2020
  • Yan Wo, MSc Student; Defended Oct. 2020
  • Jan Niklas Adams, MSc Student; Defended Sep. 2020
  • Niklas Dohmen, BSc Student; Defended June. 2020
  • Yi-Chan Tsai, MSc Student; Defended May 2020
  • Yukun Cao, MSc Student; Defended Feb. 2020
  • Ralf Riesen, BSc Student; Defended Jan. 2020
  • Zheqi Lyu, MSc Student; Defended Dec. 2019
  • Humam Kourani, BSc Student; Defended Oct. 2019
  • Daniel Schuster, MSc Student; Defended Jul. 2019
  • Kefang Ding, MSc Student; Defended May. 2019