Generative AI Lab

The Generative AI Lab is dedicated to the exploration, design, and advancement of intelligent systems rooted in generative AI, with the goal of harnessing its full potential for both businesses and society. Our team possesses a wealth of technical expertise for prototyping, as well as a deep understanding of organizational dynamics to seamlessly integrate these innovative systems into existing processes and workplaces.

Within the Generative AI Lab, our collective knowledge is focused on artificial intelligence systems capable of generating content, spanning text, images, and music. We place particular emphasis on comprehending and advancing large language models (LLMs), which constitute a specific subset of generative AI. These models derive their generative prowess from extensive training on vast repositories of textual data. This enables them to excel in a broad spectrum of natural language processing tasks, including text generation, translation, and text-based question-answering, by discerning the intricate patterns, context, and coherence within language. While natural language processing is the currently dominating use case for generative AI, the technological concepts behind large language models are also capable to process other data structured such as image data, music data, and others.

Our laboratory adopts a comprehensive, socio-technical approach to fathom the realm of generative AI and the profound transformations it triggers across societies, industries, and individuals. In this research area, we consider not only the technical underpinnings of constructing generative AI systems but also the broader social context in which these systems operate. Across the four phases of 1) ideation, 2) strategy formulation, 3) design and development, and 4) operating at scale, we delve into various methodologies and industries, conceptualizing and prototyping generative AI solutions. We also take an active role in shaping governance, processes, and work systems to revolve around these innovations. In addition to collaborating with companies to jointly unlock the business potential of generative AI, we engage in research projects and partnerships with industry and academia to drive knowledge forward.

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