Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

In the digital future, data is everywhere and, where possible, should drive the strategical, tactical, and operational decisions in enterprises. The Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Department's research and development efforts address the processing, integration, organization, and analysis of various types of data. We do this in a systematic, flexible, effective, and efficient way. We cover the entire lifecycle of knowledge-based value creation and decision support from data:

  • data and knowledge acquisition from heterogeneous sources and human experts,
  • integration and networking of data and knowledge,
  • management and exchange of data in data infrastructures and data ecosystems in line with governance principles and respecting data owners' sovereignty,
  • obtaining insights, conclusions, and providing recommendations by reasoning and analytics, and
  • communicating these conclusions to humans.

Our topics


Knowledge-Enhanced Large Language Models

We develop approaches that combine Knowledge Graphs (KGs) and Large Language Models (LLMs).


Generative AI Lab

Here you will find information about our activities in the field of research, design and further development of intelligent systems based on generative AI.


Data Management

In many applications, management and integration of heterogeneous data is a major challenge. The data management group develops scalable data management solutions for small and big data in different areas.


FAIR Data and Distributed Analytics

Bringing algorithms to data... learn locally share globally.


Data Protection and Sovereignty

We develop technical solutions to ensure data protection at all stages.




Process Mining

Operational event data are a valuable source to further enhance and improve processes. We investigate cutting-edge process mining algorithms and their application to industrial practice. 


Intelligent Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the key for successful data science. In this way, we develop, investigate, and improve data-driven methods to solve application-oriented challenges.


Center for Process Intelligence (CPI)

Your Partner in Digital Transformation.


Cloud Innovation Center

We monitor cloud trends such as container orchestration or multi-cloud and strengthen our expertise in cloud-based software engineering across all research departments.


Human-centered continuing education

We develop our learning offerings in a participatory manner in interdisciplinary teams of experts, thus pooling the expertise of all departments of the institute.


University Cooperation