Information Systems Engineering

The landscape of available technologies is changing rapidly, innovation cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. Whereas a few years ago the focus was on social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies, today it is on blockchain, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and process mining. At the same time, existing enterprise software must be operated, and the future viability of the IT landscape must be secured through selected upgrades or system changes.

For companies, the question arises how digital technologies can be used meaningfully and how the complexity of existing IT landscapes can be managed. Therefore, the department focuses on the exploration of emerging technologies through hardware and software demonstrators. Furthermore, it develops concepts for relevant management issues in the IT environment and is the first point of contact for Chief Information Officers (CIO).

Your benefits

  • Targeted exploration of digital technologies (e.g., blockchain, AI and Industry 4.0 scenarios)
  • Selection and implementation strategies of complex enterprise software (e.g., ERP, CRM, MES)
  • Management approaches for digital technologies (e.g., blockchain and AI)
  • Transformation of the CIO area (e.g., IT strategies and enterprise architecture management)

The department "Information Systems Engineering" is jointly organized with the department "Digital Business" in the branch Business & Information Systems Engineering of Fraunhofer FIT. For more information about the branch Business & Information Systems Engineering, click here.