Our systems

Growth monitor

Automated monitoring and analysis of microplates

  • Fast and precise sample approach due to 3 axis travel and autofocus
  • Prevention of growth inhibition by longwave LED illumination and incubation chamber
  • High information content through image processing
  • High thoughput due to parallel monitoring of 96 (+) samples

Device evaluated in the context of microbial growth

Single molecule detection machine

Detection of single fluorophores in solution

  • Detection of single fluorophores in solution
  • Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS)
  • High throughput (~60 samples hour ) with low sample consumption (0.5 5µl)
  • High precision (2-5% deviation) despite low detection limit (10 pg /µl)
  • Low running costs due to standard consumables
  • Correction of fluorescence bleaching by patented method

Device tested in the context of high fidelity nucleic acid analysis in next generation sequencing mass concentration and molarity

Modular microscopy platform

Highly adaptable to scientific needs

  • Growth monitor
  • Single molecule detection machine
  • Petrographic microscopy
  • Immunohistology

Petrographic microscopy

  • Analysis of polarization patterns in mineralogy
  • Analys is of thin sections to identify composition and porosity
  • Time saving through sequential processing steps (RoI, High-Resolution-Scan)
  • Remote workflow with highly compressed data sets and virtual microscopy software

Device evaluated in the field of education and petroleum industry