Smart Food Ecosystems

Intelligent solutions for the agricultural and food industry

The agricultural and food industry is becoming more digital: machines, equipment and systems have the ability to communicate with each other over networks. Technologies such as block chain, enable food products to be tracked seamlessly from the producer to the consumer. Artificial intelligence helps to improve animal welfare in intensive production systems. With these state-of-the-art information and communication technologies, we are actively shaping the transformation process in the agricultural and food industry. Our research and development goals are targeted towards delivering innovative solutions that are transparent and comprehensible for the end customer. But we need your help! We are looking for partners to collaborate with us on joint research projects. Together we will bring new technologies into the industry in a usable and meaningful way.

What can Fraunhofer FIT offer you in the field of Smart Food Ecosystems?

In the research and application field "Smart Food Ecosystems," we address challenges in the digital context. We work to provide innovative solutions that help optimize processes across the entire agricultural and food value chain, both economically and ecologically.

With our research, we take a holistic approach to all aspects of the value chain of food suppliers. Adhering to the idea "from the farm to the consumer", Fraunhofer FIT applies its competencies to bring the following benefits:

  • promote animal welfare with digital solutions
  • improve transparency in the food supply chain
  • support conscious consumption via digital tools

To achieve these goals, we leverage expertise from our various departments and work together on both small and large projects in the research area of agricultural and food. We utilize our scientific and technological know-how to analyze the three fields of activity from all angles. Together with partners in the processing industry, agriculture, logistics and trade, we develop suitable solutions to meet the requirements of smart, sustainable and safe food production.