Process Mining

Modern information systems track the execution of (business) processes in their underlying databases. These vast amounts of operational event data are a valuable source to further enhance and improve these processes. The group of process mining focuses on the application of advanced process mining algorithms in practice. Additionally, the group actively contributes to cutting-edge research in the field. The group works on multiple projects including large research projects, the application of process mining at industrial partners and the development of various process mining software solutions.

We have strategic partnerships and / or alliances with several different (scientific) institutes that strengthen our overall impact in the domain of process mining:

We deliver



Development of advanced process mining applications that allow us to more adequately solve complex, process oriented, business questions.


Industry Collaboration

Development of industry / company specific process mining solutions tackling specific challenges of industrial partners.


Knowledge Transfer

Provision of advanced training of industry professionals targeting the use of advanced process and data science technology.

Academic Service

Provision of lectures at university regarding the fundamentals of process mining and development of several open source process mining initiatives.