Digital Business

Digitization offers companies numerous opportunities. On the one hand, digital technologies enable greater process efficiency; on the other, they are the key to new sales − within established industry boundaries and beyond. At the same time, digitization requires a profound transformation that leads to substantial challenges in a networked and dynamic market environment. 

With this in mind, the department develops approaches that help companies master the digital transformation. Central to this is a holistic mindset that takes integrated account of all levels of the corporate architecture − i.e.: business model, strategy, processes, structures, culture and employees − and is consistently focused on sustainably increasing the long-term value of the company.

Your benefits

  • Development of digital strategies, structuring and steering of transformation programs, and analysis of susceptibility to digital disruption
  • Development of digital business models and monetization concepts for digital solutions
  • Data-driven analysis and economic valuation of the digitalization
    potential of business processes
  • Digital management methods and organizational models for New Normal and New Work

The department "Digital Business" is jointly organized with the department "Information Systems Engineering" in the branch Business & Information Systems Engineering of Fraunhofer FIT. For more information about the branch Business & Information Systems Engineering, click here.

Study: Building a digital and sustainable future

How companies can pioneer Twin Transformation

Twin Transformation as a company-wide transformation that unlocks unimagined synergies and secures competitive advantage.

Based on interviews with sustainability and digitalization experts from various industries, combined with research experience, we and EY have developed a whitepaper on Twin Transformation. The study aims to motivate, inform and support companies in the Twin Transformation.