Intelligent Data Analytics

Data is a central phenomenon in our digital information society. It effects our production and economic systems and offers enormous potential to positively influence our behavior and environment in society, business and science. Developing new machine learning methods for intelligent data analysis that can automatically extract and access knowledge in data-intensive environments to create economic value and new business opportunities is one of the central goals of the Intelligent Data Analysis research group.

Intelligent data analytic methods are a central component in many industrial contexts for gaining usable insights into complex data sets and their associated processes. Therefore, it is even more important to adapt both existing and new analysis methods to the corresponding application domains and requirements in order to target and successfully implement profitable information. The development of intelligent methods for (automatic) data analysis is a central step towards a user-centered data analysis process, in which data can be analyzed together with users and with the help of suitable algorithms.

Intelligent solutions for data analysis

We design and develop data-centric analytic solutions to analyze both large historical data sets and real-time data streams. In doing so, our focus is not only solely on the data, but is also particularly oriented towards the needs of the user and the possibilities of the underlying technologies. Closely related with the departments of Fraunhofer FIT, we can develop efficient analysis solutions for complex problems, using state-of-the-art methods from the fields of Machine Learning, Big Data and Data Science.

What does Fraunhofer FIT offer you in the area of Intelligent Data Analysis?

We support you during the planning and implementation of projects in the field of data analysis. In addition to the development and integration of methods and technologies for data analysis, this also includes training of employees and consultation. Benefit from our experience in the collection, processing and analysis of data and implement your ideas and concepts together with us. Thanks to innovative methods and technologies, together with us you will learn about the potential of your data and develop strategies for using it.