Mixed and Augmented Reality Solutions

In this business unit FIT develops and provides custom-tailored Augmented (AR), Virtual (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) systems and assembles attractive installations, exhibits or pervasive augmented reality games, e. g. for trade fairs or events. Novel services are fully functional miniature models of AR installations and wide-range laser scans of buildings and plants. Finally we offer worldwide unique underwater AR technology for leisure, training and professional applications.

We offer:

Custom-tailored interaction and communication solutions

  • Conception, project management, realization and support of customized solution in the areas of mobile communication, location based, visualization, augmented reality, cross-media
  • Product presentations, exhibits, installations, Installationen, mobile games

Development of applications and interfaces

  • Platform-independent mixed reality solutions
  • Multimodal 3D / AR user interfaces
  • Augmented reality software interfaces
  • Technology consulting

Prototyping lab

  • Test and evaluation environment for AR / MR applications
  • Manufacturing of complex 3D workpieces and electronical hardware components

We are a member of three VR/AR competence networks and centers:


Leif Oppermann

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Dr. Leif Oppermann


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Marius Shekow

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Dr. Marius Shekow

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Constantin Brosda

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Constantin Brosda

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Urs Riedlinger

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Yücel Uzun

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