Fraunhofer Blockchain Lab

Experience lab for technologies, their implementation and application

Fraunhofer's Blockchain Lab is a multi-disciplinary unit that designs, develops and evaluates blockchain applications. We transfer the latest R&D results in this young field into practical, integrative applications, putting special emphasis on short development cycles.

We work with you in developing customized solutions that meet your needs

  • in one-day or multi-day workshops
  • in applied research projects (analyzing the technology's potential or going all the way to implementing a system)
  • with industry groups or cross-industry consortia
  • developing and evaluating new forms of governance and business models

What is a blockchain?#

A blockchain is a distributed, decentralized data structure that provides for transparent chronological and unalterable storage of transactions in a network.



  • Data management by the network instead of a centralized authority
  • Unalterable transaction history through cryptographic principles

Potential advantages

  • Transaction processing and verification without intermediaries
  • Risk reduction through data and process integrity
  • Cost reductions by avoiding intermediary services
  • Automatic processes through smart contracts
  • New forms of governance through novel processes
  • Cross-industry ecosystems

Focus of our services#

Designing blockchain business models

  • Creating individual or industry-wide business concepts
  • Analyzing market potential, evaluating and developing disruptive solutions

Implementing blockchain technology

  • Providing a development platform with several different blockchain systems (P2P network, validation server etc.)
  • Developing blockchain applications
  • Evaluating blockchain concepts

Legal and regulatory environment

  • Counseling on the relevant legal aspects
  • Evaluating blockchain systems and business models from a regulatory perspective

Application fields#

Bespoke solutions in complex application fields, based on blockchain concepts: Smart contracts and decentralized, autonomous forms of organization for more efficient governance and business processes.

  • Internet of Things
  • (Intellectual) property management
  • Stock exchange trading
  • Asset management
  • Clearing processes


Wolfgang Prinz, PhD

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Prof. Wolfgang Prinz, PhD

Fraunhofer FIT, Sankt Augustin

Phone +49 2241 14-3111

Thomas Rose

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Rose

Fraunhofer FIT, Sankt Augustin

Phone +49 2241 14-3969

Nils Urbach

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Prof. Dr. Nils Urbach

Fraunhofer FIT, Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering

Phone +49 921 55-4710

Jens Strüker

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Prof. Dr. Jens Strüker

Fraunhofer FIT, Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering

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