Board of Curators

The booard of curators promotes the connection of the institute with partners in the industrial and scientific communities and the public sector and also provides advice and assistance on technical issues to the management of the institute.

  • Prof. Dr. Petra Gehring, Chair of the Council for Information Infrastructures, Head of the Center for Responsible Digitalization of the State of Hesse, Technical University of Darmstadt
  • Prof. Dr. Otthein Herzog, TZI Technology Center for Information Technology, University of Bremen (Chair)
  • Simone Menne, supervisory board member at Deutsche Post AG and Henkel AG, among others
  • Dr. Doris Schnabel, Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of NRW
  • Mario Schlosser, CEO, Oscar Health, Inc.
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Armin Schnettler, Managing Director, P3 energy solutions
  • Johannes Schubmehl, Managing Director, Schubmehl Executive Coaching & Advisiory GmbH