Digital Health

For over 30 years now, Fraunhofer FIT has been developing information technology systems for healthcare, focusing on improving diagnostics and therapy as well as clinical and pharmacological research by bringing together molecular diagnostics, image and signal analysis, data integration and machine learning.

More recently, increasing digitalization of healthcare has turned support for collecting, managing, and using a broad spectrum of additional patient data, e. g. in prevention and aftercare programs or in home and residential care, into a challenging new research area for us. 

The Digital Health department is involved in two fields of research:

Smart bioanalytical instruments and data analytics for reliable health data

We build and validate advanced detection techniques in combination with innovative algorithms for data analysis. Our intimate familiarity with the capabilities and limitations of sensor technologies is extremely valuable in the development and evaluation of decision support using them. We bring together image processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to summarize, integrate, and reliably interpret data.

Services, platforms and data ecosystems for health

Our aim is to support the digital transformation in preventive healthcare, diagnostics, chronic disease management, aftertreatment, care, and support. Using and communicating sensitive data safely and responsibly across organizational and sector boundaries is one of the challenging problems here. Mobile IT devices with intuitive user interfaces will allow the patients to monitor and manage their treatment processes and to take personal responsibility for a better quality of life and targeted treatment. The Fraunhofer Medical Dataspace concept aims to lay a foundation here. We played a key role in developing it.

Digital Health at Fraunhofer FIT is an integral part of the 4D (Diagnostics, Devices, Drugs, Data) strategy of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft for the healthcare sector.

Groups and topics


Digital Health Spaces

Research and development of solutions in the areas of data ecosystems and data analytics in the life sciences


Biomolecular Optical Systems (BioMOS)


Web Compliance Center


Fraunhofer Medical Data Space