Digital Health

Digital transformation is reaching all corners of our healthcare systems. Isolated applications must be linked together. The systematic use of health data aims to improve the quality of care and research.

Actors in the digital healthcare system face a number of challenges:

A plethora of telemedicine applications and health apps are waiting for integration into the healthcare processes. In this highly competitive market, only those products will survive that are user-friendly, provide securely traceable data, and can be embedded in care and research contexts in a modular fashion.

The European Health Dataspace is being established. It will strengthen customer orientation and patient self-determination, but will also bring new connectivity obligations. It will require new platform structures in the highly fragmented German healthcare system.

Data-driven medicine can target novel therapies more precisely. It requires healthcare that is integrated longitudinally and cuts across sector boundaries in the healthcare system. Data-based AI will create patients’ "digital twins" that help to continuously optimize treatment.

Our research focuses on the question:

  • How can the diverse stakeholders, data, software and hardware components be integrated into a data ecosystem that enables sustainable use of new digital technologies in healthcare for the benefit of patients?

For providers of clinical services and care facilities:

  • What does a comprehensive concept for the use of telemedicine and mobile applications look like?
  • How can modular interfaces and platforms help to minimize costs? How can we improve user satisfaction?
  • Which new care processes will the technology enable?
  • How can you qualify as a data provider (dataspace readiness)?

For pharma, biotech and medical equipment industries:

  • How can we link products to digital strategies?
  • How can we work with clinics and patients to collect study data effectively?
  • How can AI contribute to data interpretation?
  • How do you reach patients through a positive user experience?

For IT service providers and software vendors:

  • How can you prepare your software for integration into a data ecosystem?
  • How can we maximize user satisfaction and data sovereignty?
  • How can you offer cloud computing services for medicine that respect data privacy?
  • How can we integrate data from sensors and diagnostic devices into the data world?

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