Our offerings to industry

Our activities and expertise in the field of Generative AI encompasses topics along the entire AI lifecycle, spanning from the initial ideation of products, services, processes, and business models to the long-term operation of generative AI systems. When working with generative AI, we adopt a holistic approach, simultaneously considering technological, social, and economic aspects. We seamlessly incorporate our extensive domain knowledge in diverse areas such as energy markets, health care, sustainability transformations, business operations, and public administration. As a driving force for innovation, we not only provide conceptual guidance but also develop customized solutions for a wide range of business challenges. Our approach blends technological expertise with a profound understanding of the social and economic implications of generative AI. This enables us to create sustainable and effective solutions that meet individual needs.


Beyond the realms of hype and dystopia, companies often face challenges in the fundamental understanding of generative AI and its potential. This is often due to a lack of practical experience with specific use cases. We assist companies in overcoming these challenges and building a solid knowledge foundation. Our services include workshops tailored to occupational groups covering the technological basics, as well as the opportunities and limitations of generative AI. We also conduct innovation sprints and technology potential assessments to create a secure IT environment in which companies can gain first practical experiences with generative AI. Our focus lies in lightweight rapid prototyping to transform insights and ideas into practical solutions.


During the strategize phase of dealing with generative AI, the identification of appropriate use cases, as well as the design of the architecture and role of generative AI within the existing technology portfolio is often challenging. Critical aspects of data privacy and security and considerations regarding make or buy decisions and resulting dependencies are also critical. In order to address these challenges and strategically prepare businesses for the adoption of generative AI solutions, we collaborate with companies to develop a vendor-neutral AI strategy. Our projects include road mapping for generative AI related activities, professional project management, use case identification and evaluation, as well as the design of technology and data architectures.

Design and develop

When developing generative AI, companies frequently face the challenge of seamlessly integrating the system into their existing infrastructure. This integration necessitates transparency, accountability, precision, and comprehensibility. Successful implementation requires skilled personnel, appropriate training, and precise fine-tuning. In this realm, our service portfolio encompasses design and prototyping across various domains, including application systems, data and information flows, human-AI interaction, processes, and business models. Furthermore, we provide support with the selection of software, providers, and systems. Leveraging our extensive expertise in graph and database technologies, we guide organizations in fine-tuning (open-source) generative AI models and prompt engineering.

Operate at scale

In the final phase of implementing generative AI models within an organization, numerous challenges arise, encompassing regulatory compliance, adherence to ethical standards, fairness, and responsibility. Equally demanding is the task of establishing trust and ensuring user acceptance. Long-term maintenance of generative AI and scalability considerations are of vital importance in this context. We offer workshops designed to ensure a successful integration of generative AI in businesses and to enhance user acceptance. These training sessions assist companies in change and adoption management, thereby facilitating a seamless transition toward the complete integration of AI models within the organization. Additionally, we provide assistance in enhancing the governance and management of generative AI operations within companies. Our proficiency in establishing monitoring and control systems ensures efficient and secure utilization of AI within corporate environment.