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We support companies of all sizes in the design and implementation of digital transformation processes, providing assistance both in technical terms as innovation scouts and in an organizational capacity, e.g., as project manager. In addition, we assist in the development of new products and services – aligning with the requirements, demands and needs of the relevant stakeholders.


We place particular focus on ensuring usability and achieving a positive user experience. In doing so, we draw from our many years of experience in context analysis, user requirements engineering and usability and UX evaluation. Our expertise is grounded in the international usability quality view of ISO 9241, the »Guideline Usability«, which was largely co-developed by the staff of our department. This is complemented by our methodological know-how of design thinking, which promotes a creative and collaborative idea generation process and facilitates the development of innovative solutions.

We put into practice the insights gained from leveraging the optimization potential of existing solutions in individual contexts – supplemented by newly identified usage requirements - either as proof of concept prototypes or mature integrable solutions. We then support their integration into the company or their introduction to the market. 

Alternatively, we help companies train employees as well as design, assess and adapt existing product development processes in light of the required human-centered design activities.

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Design Thinking Factory

  • Improving energy efficiency – reducing energy consumption by providing user-centric adaptive applications for monitoring energy use and smart control
  • Service-based networking of embedded systems, sensors and mobile devices in smart environments

Usability and User Experience Design

Research, consulting and educational services on user-friendly design of products and services