Basic Support for Cooperative Work

The goal of the project is the development and enhancement of the BSCW Shared Workspace System which provides facilities for collaboration over the Internet and the WWW in particular. A primary goal of the project is to achieve cross-platform interoperability (at least across various Microsoft Windows versions, Macintosh OS and various Unix flavors) to enable cross-platform and cross-organisational cooperation, e.g., in locally dispersed communities.

The BSCW system is based on the notation of a shared workspace, a joint storage facility that may contain various kinds of objects such as documents, tables, graphics, spreadsheets or links to other Web pages. A workspace can be set up and objects stored, managed, edited or downloaded with any Web browser. The BSCW system will keep the members of a group informed about each others' relevant activities in a shared workspace.

Test BSCW free of charge

The software developed within the project, i.e., the BSCW shared workspace server – an extension to a normal WWW server – and other tools, e.g., for transfering files from a local file system to a BSCW server, is publicly available for download for a trial period of 90 days. Licenses for the BSCW server software are available from FIT's spin-off company OrbiTeam Software GmbH & Co. KG. Furthermore, FIT runs a public BSCW server where everyone is invited to establish their own workspaces and use them for collaboration with friends and colleagues.