How can the production of smart textiles be accelerated?

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Fraunhofer FIT is working on this question in the joint research project GeniusTex – Innovative B2B Platform for smart textiles together with RWTH Aachen University and companies in the field of semiconductor solutions, healthcare and automation systems.

Currently, smart textiles produce interest in the areas of medicine, sports, fashion, building services engineering and automobile industry. In the value-added process, product designers, suppliers, as well as service providers are involved. To benefit from and to enhance the market potential of smart textiles, GeniusTex realizes an innovative and open platform that supports cooperation and the exchange of knowledge between the different stakeholders in an efficient and gainful way. Early customer involvement in the process of product engineering helps to enhance the innovation management in companies. Trans-sectoral information will be made available and usable through its semantical representation and classification.

Furthermore, GeniusTex develops a product-oriented design methodology of production processes for the integration of smart textiles and the use of GeniusTex as a cyberphysic system. New and appropriate business models attract actors because the participation is economically reasonable and attractive.

Fraunhofer FIT is responsible for the implementation of the GeniusTex platform, an extension of Fraunhofer FIT’s groupware system BSCW which is in the market since more than 20 years. BSCW will be extended and newly designed to the GeniusTex requirements.

The project is partially funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics Affairs and Climate Action.

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