Mobile Augmented Reality and Context in Urban Settings

MARCUS 2011 general assembly in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Goal of the MARCUS project is to create a multi-institutional collaborative research on how mobile augmented reality and context aware applications can be used to enhance the urban experience. To achieve this, the project facilitates staff exchanges between partners from three European institutions and two partners in New Zealand.

The overall goals of the project are to develop strategic research relationships and intensify existing links between EU and NZ partners, to undertake collaborative research and facilitate extended joint research periods, to transfer technology between institutions and undertake joint technology development, and to exploit future joint research and funding opportunities in mobile AR research.

The MARCUS project started in January 2009 and lasts for 36 months. It is partly funded by the European Commission through its International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES, part of FP7 Marie Curie Actions – International Fellowships).