Industry 4.0 Connecting Business

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In nearly all sectors of the economy businesses start introducing Industry 4.0 technologies. To stay abreast of the competition, industrial companies and their service providers need to prepare for innovating their internal processes.


Many manufacturing plants already use systems that automatically monitor production processes, detect and signal deviations. Often however, companies do not yet aggregate this heterogeneous information. To improve the situation, the EU-funded Composition project will develop an integrated information management system capable of aggregating heterogeneous data. Based on a centralized complete data set, Big Data analyses will provide new insights, e.g. by simulating and forecasting the impact of certain parameters on the costs or the energy input of a process.


The Composition project also aims to improve the cooperation between manufacturing companies, their suppliers and distributors. Our vision is a complete data exchange and optimization of processes across production, assembly and delivery. A virtual marketplace allows establishing new collaborative linkages and novel business models.

Due to the lack of security, companies shy away from sending confidential data over the Internet. Here Fraunhofer FIT is working with IT security experts to develop an online infrastructure that distributes data without storing it on a server. Blockchain technology will be used to guarantee traceability and trust. A blockchain splits up data sets in individual blocks whose validity is checked by a select computer network. Each transaction is stored individually in the Data Chain.