Big Data Applications for Cyber-Physical Systems in Production and Logistics Networks

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EXCELL foresees the collaboration of academics from four European countries (Hungary, Germany, UK, Belgium) in the multidisciplinary topic of Big Data Applications for Cyber-Physical Systems in Production and Logistics Networks.

The main scientific and innovation focus of EXCELL was devised both from worldwide tendencies and local requirements, departing from the present competences of the cooperating partners (SZTAKI, Fraunhofer FIT, Aston and KU Leuven).

Main project actions focus on:

  • Knowledge acceleration through transnational secondments and training sessions in eight selected Priority Research Fields (PRFs) and six Complementary Skills,
  • Supporting exploitation of research results and user-driven innovation,
  • Augmenting scientific impact actions through key publications and active participation in the scientific discourse,
  • Dissemination and sustainable innovation.

The eight PRFs cover the following areas:

  • WPF1: Cyber-Physical Systems and Human System Interaction (Fraunhofer FIT)
  • WPF2: Business-based Internet of Things and Services (Fraunhofer FIT)
  • WPF3: Next-generation Authentication and Authorization Solutions (KU Leuven)
  • WPF4: Enhanced Context-aware Services (KU Leuven)
  • WPF5: Cognitive modelling and social networking approaches (Aston)
  • WPF6: Data mining (Aston)
  • WPF7: Data interoperability (SZTAKI)
  • WPF8: Tracking and tracing (SZTAKI)

The six Complementary Skills that are the subject of training actions include:

  • Technology transfers and results deployment to industry,
  • Emotional intelligence,
  • Motivating others,
  • Personal impact,
  • Stress management for managers, and
  • Hands-on experience by using and contributing to software tools.

Fraunhofer FIT covers the areas of cyber-physical systems, human-system-interaction as well as business-based Internet of Things and Services and brings in its experience from the past and current international projects.

In addition, networking events beyond the project consortium will foster the international collaboration between EXCELL and its partners. The knowledge and skills exchange measures taken within the project will support the scientific impact of all partners since EXCELL explicitly pursues cross-discipline collaboration.

EXCELL project is co-funded by the European Commission.