Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering

Driven by dynamic, volatile, and globally connected markets in connection with complex corporate structures and value-adding networks companies are faced with a high competitive and regulatory pressure. Hence, company-wide consistent data bases with information regarding risk and return are required  i) to enable a corporate wide decision-making by means of a value-based management which aims at a long-term growth of shareholder value and ii) to satisfy the requirements of legal and regulatory obligations while simultaneously considering the challenges and risks coming along with highly interdependent global value networks. In addition to technical and IT-based approaches in financial management, companies for a sustainable and long-term success above all require an integrated risk and return management which is based on thorough financial methods and adequate key performance indices.

The research group focuses on the development of financial concepts, which support companies in implementing a value-based management system, which ensures a long-term growth.

Our team of highly motivated researchers conducts model-theoretic as well as empirical, mostly quantitative research in – among others – the following research areas:

1. Value-based management of single companies

Development of concepts, methods and key performance indices for a value-based management which simultaneously considers the challenge of conflicting short-term and long-term goals as well as regulatory aspects.

2. Value-based management of value-adding networks

Conceptual design of models which integrate intra-company and inter-company flows of goods, cash flows as well as information exchange within global value-adding networks for an adequate identification, valuation and management of intra-company and inter-company risk and return potentials.