Customer Relationship Management

Digitalization empowers customers. New digital technologies significantly change customers' behaviors in terms of how they become informed, evaluate, and purchase. Customers are not only better informed but also more self-confident; they become more connected – with each other as well as with companies.

Mastering the end-user interface becomes ever more critical for companies – and this is largely independent from where a company is in the digital value chain. Our research shows that digitalization heavily affects established customer relationships as well as processes and, thus, concentrating on customer needs and customer experience is more important than ever. The research group Customer Relationship Management is dedicated to explore the interaction between companies and customers comprehensively with five focus areas. In these areas we conduct and publish research, offer teaching and possibilities for learning, and support industry partners by developing and implementing solutions for their individual challenges.

  • Customer Interaction and Integration
  • Social CRM
  • Customer Data and Privacy
  • Customer Satisfaction and Customer Experience
  • Sustainable CRM

The research group not only focus on the value of customers, but also on the value for customers from a company´s and a customer´s perspective. The intersection of customer and company is being analyzed from all perspectives.