Digital Life

The rapid development of new technologies is a key driver for the digitalization. Nowadays the digitalization is part of everyday life. Wearables, Smart Home, Connected Car and many other applications can be used by enterprises and private persons. This "digital" life implies manifold challenges, radical innovations and visionary projects. Hence, we are dedicated to research the topic Digital Life, the digitalization of human life in all areas of life.

A holistic approach is the only way to address the diverse issues that come along with the Digital Life. Therefore, we investigate different facets of Digital Life in interdisciplinary teams and combine methods from IS, economics, computer science and psychology. We concentrate on three major areas regarding research, application and education:

  • How can information systems and information be designed to increase the benefits for individuals?
  • How does the digitalization change the workplace of today and how should the tomorrow’s workplace look like?
  • Which potentials come across with the digitalization of healthcare and how can they be used in a sustainable manner?

Therefore, we focus on three action fields: Individual Information Systems, Enterprise Information’s Systems, and E-Health. Responding to these research questions, we use design- and behavioural-oriented research methods (e. g. software prototyping, case studies, experiments and surveys).