Energy and Critical Infrastructures

Energy and Critical Infrastructures#

Modern, strategic corporate governance focuses more and more on the topic of sustainability. In particularly when economic objectives are in accord with ecological goals, investments are made that can lower energy- and/or resource consumption. Aligning the IT strategy with the goal of environmental sustainability is not limited to the environmental footprint of the IT itself (Green IT). The potential to cut overall company resource consumption through the skillful use of IT is even higher. This area of research is denoted mostly under the slogan "Green IS" (Green Information Systems).

The group addresses issues of sustainable use of non-renewable resources as well as of the identification of risks in critical infrastructures and value networks. In addition, strategies for the sustainable use of energetic raw materials are examined. A particular focus of observation are IT-based business models, such as smart grid or smart home, the analysis of user behavior and acceptance, as well as the economic evaluation of sustainable business models from a user and business perspective. Thereby methods of integrated risk and return management, valuation models from the financial and banking industry, as well as mathematical optimization and simulation methods are used and adapted.​​