Biomolecular Optical Systems – BIOMOS

Biomolecular Optical Systems

Generating high-value information about molecular and cellular processes requires a precise and reproducible coupling of the instrument to the biological assays. Physical parameters appropriate for the assay, for the information to be generated and the sensor system producing them, must be determined and implemented in a system. To do this, we combine methodology from microsystems technology, electronics, high-resolution optics and system integration technology.



In combination with appropriate software we implement and validate systems for:

  • Optical single molecule detection using patented analysis algorithms
  • Molecular diagnostics with multiple markers Mobile diagnostics Live cell imaging Electro-physiology


Our implementations benefit from our ongoing R&D work to extend and improve key technologies:

  • Fluorescence detection by laser excitation in highly sensitive and miniaturized versions
  • Microfluidics with hybrid mounting technology
  • Measurement of electrochemical potential
  • Automatic reflected-light microscopy in scanning technology
  • Confocal laser scanning