For students

We hire research students (part-time positions, typically 65 h / month) to support the work in our departments. The initial contracts will be limited to a maximum of 12 months.Research students must be enrolled in a university or university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule). Their work at FIT is intended mainly to enhance their scientific education, typically through direct involvement in our research projects. Salary depends upon formal qualification.

Current job offers for students:

Studentische Hilfskraft, Medientechnik

Studentische Hilfskraft, Blended Learning

Studentische Hilfskraft, Mikrosimulationsmodelle


Studentische Hilfskraft (M/W/D) zur Stärkung unseres Teams im Bereich Qualitätsmanagement


Studentische Hilfskraft (M/W/D) im Bereich Personenzertifizierung


Studentische Hilfskraft Film‐ und Medienwissenschaften

Studentische / Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft in den Bereichen Mixed and Augmented Reality Solutions und Blockchain